Our Process

We begin with a conversation about you. What are your dreams, your ambitions, your goals in life? What keeps you up at night? What are your responsibilities to your family, to your business, to your favorite charities? What were your best financial moves? What about the worst? How do you define financial success? How close are you to getting there?

Once we outline your objectives, we take an inventory of all of your assets and liabilities and project them into the future, after accounting for living expenses, financial expenses and all revenue sources. We call this the financial roadmap, and it shows how close you are to reaching your destination.

Yet road trips seldom go as planned, and surprises often pop up along the way. Our advanced software allows us to easily model the financial “what-ifs.” What if the market crashes? What if you become disabled or die? What if inflation or tax laws change?  These what-if scenarios expose any vulnerabilities in your current plan.

Our advanced software also answers other questions, like should you be investing in a Roth or a traditional retirement plan? Should you buy term life, permanent life insurance or no coverage at all? Is it better to pay down the mortgage or invest? When should you claim Social Security? In what order should you spend down your assets? These are all complex decisions that require advanced calculations and guidance.

This analysis often indicates needed adjustments to your current architecture. We will help you implement these changes relying on our expertise, and we’ll work with your outside advisors in areas outside our practice to make sure all oars are moving in the same direction.

Once the plan is implemented, we meet at least annually to make adjustments as necessary.